About RealRussia


We are usual Russian guys, who just like others, like having a rest, having fun and exploring the world in all its variety.

Our project – is an extraordinary and a unique opportunity for curious guys and creative people from all over the world to discover our motherland Russia from an unexpected side! We invite you to our country! But it’s not Russia which sparkles with the fronts of capital palaces and is full of picture galleries, but Real Russia, its province, due to which a lot of stereotypes about Russia have appeared. You won’t be the tourist in a usual meaning of this word. We will help you to fell Russian yourself during your visit- live with Russians, relax with Russians, communicate with Russians all the time, see Russian reality from inside. During your stay in our country you will be our guest and almost a family member, and by the time we will saying you good-bye we will have become good friends! During your holiday an English- speaking guide will be with you, so there will be no language problem!

Where you are going to live

No hotels and prim neighbors, no strangers- tourists with boring faces! Your friends and you will live in the same flat where we do and other Russians live. With all modern conveniences and of course with a free Wi-Fi. The price of accomodation is amusing – from $ 10 a day. Details here

What you are going to eat

Choose what to eat - if you want, you will have Russian traditional dishes with us, or you can go to restaurants and cafes or cook yourself! It only depends on you. The prices in any case are low - $ 3-6 for a proper lunch. Details about board here


What you will be able to see

We have a great number of variants where to take you and what to show to you. Only Russian nature deserves a special notice!

And what do you think about Russian sauna after which Russians jump into icy water? You will try this! Surely you have heard that Russian people like drinking vodka? You will check this and try yourself – how it is to drink vodka with Russian people! Even the nightlife of a million city in the centre of Russia where a foreigner is a rare guest won’t leave you indifferent! And How about celebrating a holiday in an unusual way in our country? We will advise you how it’s better to spend holiday in Russia!

All transportation to your routes – by our car. Everything, that you would like to know about Russia and about life in it isn’t restricted with any frames- you decide yourself on where and when to walk or go! And if you wish we will take with us in a group of friends, where you will see in a relaxed atmosphere how young people live in Russia. Don’t forget, that there always will be a person with you who speaks English ( German) fluently! Once Winston Churchill said : “Russia is a riddle, wrapped in mystery, hidden in the incomprehensibility”. Probably, it is really so because we ourselves cannot understand our country up to the end. There’s nothing to say about the foreigners in this case! We will help you to solve a riddle and spend your holiday unforgettably!