Chelyabinsk meteor

On February,15 2013 a meteor exploded in the sky above Ural. The news about this quickly spread to all over the world, and the interest to this was stirred up by numerous videos and photos of an accident.

Here you can watch a video about the meteor with English subtitles.


Our city has become famous far beyond Russian borders due to this accident. Jon Stewart joked quite well in his show about this

The producers of dashboard car cameras which Russians widely use got a kind of advertising as well.


The major part of a fragment of the meteor which didn’t explode fell down into Lake Chebarkul which is 70km from Chelyabinsk. It made in the ice a huge hole.

Scientists decided to get the meteor out of the lake and soon a fragment of 500 kilograms was taken out of lake bottom.

Nowadays it is in the exposition of Regional History Museum in Chelyabinsk, where everybody can see it. You will also be able to see it.


What is more, you will have an opportunity to visit Lake Chebarkul, where there is a monument to the meteor on the bank and even swim in the lake not far from the place where it dropped.

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