One of the main advantages of "RealRussia- travel" project is a really low price for high quality service.

1) The cost of accomondation in comfortable aparments - from $ 10 a person per day.

2) Meal prices are from $ 8-10 a person per day. Especially cost - efficient is to make use of our special menu of home made Russian dishes from our company.

3) Excursion programms know no equals in price, don't forget that it includes also the service of a guide - interpreter.

Parties and holidays in Russia

from $ 50 per person

The echo of the war

$ 25per person

Attend the Russian wedding!

$ 180 per person

Chelyabinsk meteor

from $ 20per person

Parties in Russian style

from $ 25per person

Outdoor recreation

$ 15 per person per day

Hunting and fishing

from $ 60per person per day

Russian village life

$ 40per person per day

Rafting in Ural rivers

from $ 90 per person

The greatest Russian caves

$ 100 per person

Be a prisoner in a police station

$ 50per person

Russian Sauna (banya)

$ 15 per hour

Horse Riding

from $ 10 per person

Hot springs

from $ 75 per person


from $ 45per person

A trip to Russian Paris

from $ 35 per person

An ancient town Arkaim

$ 80per person

Picturesque Lake Turgoyak

$ 40per person

High-mountain lake Zuratkul

from 50 $ per person

Gathering berries and mushrooms

$ 35 per person

Legendry Russian roads

$ 12 per person

Expedition to Taganai

$ 50per person

Lessons of colloquial Russian language

$ 10per person per lesson

Museums of armored vehicles

from $ 40 per person

Riding a Russian motorcycle

$ 6 per person

A town in an gold valley-Miass

$ 35 per person

As the currency in Russia - rouble, so the price for service may vary depending on the exchange rate of the US dollar to rouble. Indicated prices are actual at the moment and are calculated on the basis that $ 1 ≈ 62 roubles.